Nathan and Fedrerica's Backyard Wisconsin Wedding

Nathan and Fede met in Israel. When Nathan first saw Fede, he said that she was way out of his league. When Fede told a friend of Nathan’s that she liked him, Nathan did not want to miss a golden opportunity to date someone as classy and beautiful as his now wife. Little did the pair know that a few years down the line, they would be married, not just once, but just shy of three times in different countries across the world. The pair started their journey in Israel, and soon migrated over to Italy, where Fede’s family lives. Now, Nathan is my cousin, and as cooky as he is, I never thought that he would turn out into such a stand up guy that Fede has made him into. I am so proud of the pair, and they have accomplished so much! From moving over from Turin to Rome in their new house, to moving across the globe for their wedding in Door County, Wisconsin on Nathan’s parents’ farm. Everything was made from scratch; from the cake that Fede crafted with figurines of them that she created, to the tables that my Aunt Diane made from wood on their farm. Everything down to the bouquet was from farm to wedding table. Diane carefully picked wild flowers from her gardens to create the beauty that was Fede’s bridal bouquet, and the cuff links that Nathan wore were my grandfather’s when he married my grandmother all those years ago. I am so happy for this pair, who seem to complete each other and balance each other out well. Thank you, Fede, for bringing my cousin joy; and thank you, Nathan, for bringing Fede into our wonderfully quirky family. I love you both and am honored to have been a part of your day. Peek below for some sneak previews of the matrimonial bliss :)

Janet and Trent's Mid America Club Downtown Chicago Wedding

Janet and Trent are the goofiest, most loving and fun couple! I had the best time with them on their wedding day of 7/13/19. The pair met in college, and have stuck together through thick and thin. From the moment I met the pair, I knew I could be carefree and have a great time with them, and they were so easy to capture because they are so in love! On their wedding day, they got ready at the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown, Chicago, and we set out for the first look. The love was radiating from Janet and Trent as they first set eyes on each other. Their ceremony was on the 80th floor of the Aon Center, otherwise known as the Mid America Club. I could just tell that all of the guests there loved Janet and Trent with all of their being; I mean, we were all gushing about the couple the entire night! The pair had their first dance, cut the cake, and shared a special surprise with one of their guests: a birthday cake! Janet sang along to “All I want for Christmas is You” in the middle of July, and killed it! I was literally amazed at her singing capabilities. So impressive! I can’t wait to hear all about their honeymoon, and to see their love grow. I feel like I have known the pair for years now, and hope to stay in touch :)

Florist: Flowers for Dreams

DJ: Back Third

Video: Old North Films

Venue: Mid America Club

Hotel: Fairmont Hotel

Kati and Evan's Lincoln Park Engagement Session

Lincoln Park Chicago Engagement Photographer

Kati and Evan are as cute as can be :) Kati is finishing nursing school, and Evan popped the question as if he could hardly wait for their wedding day to come. The pair are so giddy and in love, and it came through in their photos. Kati commemorated her grandfather’s life with her snoopy tattoo on her shoulder, as he collected snoopy memorabilia and was a pilot. The sentimental match are dedicating so much of their wedding to vintage relics to speak to the past. I am honored to have photographed their love!

Rachel's Lifestyle Portrait Session

Chicago Lifestyle Branding Photographer

Rachel and Rachel.. sounds like a new hit sitcom about two girls who watch Game of Thrones and obsess over herbal teas/coffee. Oh, wait! That is actually our life. I had such a great time taking this kindred spirit’s photos the other night. We laughed, we chatted, and felt like we had known each other for years. I even showed her a few lighting principles to use with my camera! So glad to have taken this fellow photographer’s portraits on a gloomy day with the warmest of company. Peek below for our lifestyle branding session!

Allie and Ben's Wedding at The Drake, Chicago

The Drake Chicago Wedding Photographer

Allie and Ben got married on a rainy Saturday.. but they say rain is good luck on your wedding day! The pair met at a bar crawl through mutual friends who introduced them, and have spent their life together in laughter and joy. When Ben asked Allie to marry him, it came as a total surprise. He had candles lit in their home, and got down on one knee in a grand gesture, and of course, Allie agreed to marry the man of her dreams. The two are so in love, and so kind to everyone they meet. They had 25 of their closest friends and family at the wedding, and it was perfection! Peek below to see their love in images on their big day at The Drake Chicago!

Mike and Shuyan's Union Station Chicago Bridal Session

Union Station Chicago Wedding Photographer

I met Mike at a party through mutual friends years back, when him and Shuyan first started dating. I could tell she was the one instantly! Although Mike and Shuyan won’t be tying the knot for a few months, and their wedding will be in China, the pair decided to book me for their bridal session, and I was so tickled :) The two lovebirds met on snapchat, and have been dating for 3 years! They are super cute and in love, and even though we got rained out, we still enjoyed the gorgeous views of Union Station and the riverwalk. Mike proposed to Shuyan with a gorgeous opal and diamond vintage ring that he felt would be perfect for her. I am low key over the moon with how their pre-wedding photos turned out! Peek below for a glimpse into their session made of dreams.

Christine and Chris's Lincoln Park Chicago Engagement Session

Lincoln Park Chicago Engagement Photographer

Christine and Chris are seriously so cute!! The pair met at work and kept their love a secret until years down the road where they attended a company party together. Seeing the way they play off of each other is so fun and wonderful to watch. I absolutely loved sharing their giggles, feeling their love, and talking about anything from what it’s like to throw a party to celebrate milestones, to living on a farm, to shopping :) Peek below to see their gorgeous Lincoln Park engagement!

Pradnya and Prateek's Lincoln Park Chicago Engagement Session

Lincoln Park Chicago Engagement Session

Pradnya and Prateek are truly meant for each other. The pair started playing music together a few years ago, and fell in love almost immediately. When the two met me for their engagement session, I could not help but feel that they were made for each other. Prateek encourages Pradnya’s intelligence and grace, and Pradnya encourages Prateek’s creativity and wisdom. Peek below to see their dreamy lincoln park views!

Laura and Drew's Bumble Inspired Engagement Session

North Avenue Beach Chicago Engagement Session

#Mandelette couples meet all kinds of ways, but I would say this is is one of the cutest! 4 years ago, Laura and Drew swiped on each other’s profiles because Drew was wearing a bowtie, and Laura had a Notre Dame sweatshirt on. The two went out on their first date shortly after connecting on the lady-powered app, and the rest was history! The pair are now traveling the world together, and tying the knot at Salvage One next year! During our shoot, we were giggling the whole time. They are just so cute together! As Laura loves Taylor Swift just as much as I do, I truly hope she invites her to the wedding like we laughed about at North Avenue Beach in Chicago :) Peek below for their session this past Sunday!

Kayla and Aaron's Garfield Park Conservatory Engagement

Fine Art Chicago engagement photography | Kayla and Aaron

Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago

Even in an April SNOW storm, Kayla and Aaron are an adorable pair. Kayla and I bonded immediately over teaching and doing good for others, as the sweet bride to be instructs special needs students in a turnaround school. Aaron and Kayla met in college while studying non profit management and education. The pair’s adoration for each other shines through their every move. They are kind, generous with their love, and made for each other. I can’t wait to hear all about their 2020 wedding plans! Take a peek below at their giggle-filled engagement session.