Hi there! I’m Rachel. Thanks so much for visiting my site! I’m so glad you’re here!


I always go above and beyond for my clients! I love love, and capturing your day means the world to me. I treat every wedding as if it were my own. I enjoy creating memories of fresh, joyful, natural moments between you and your loved ones.

I tend to act like a fly on the wall during your ceremony and reception to seek out those timeless emotions, while still incorporating that upbeat, soft personal rapport with your guests. Just be yourself, enjoy, and I’ll capture the glow.

If you think you may like to work together, I am so honored and thrilled that we have made it to the next step! Click the button below, and let’s get the conversation started, I’m so excited to hear from you! :) 

Fun facts about me:

1.       My great grandfather invented the first polaroid, the Mandelette (scroll down to see it)! His factories were right here in Chicago :)

2. Things I love: Trader Joe’s, Game of Thrones, my partner Cole, and anything outdoors

3.       I got my MA in education, and have taught in Chicago Public Schools :) I have worked in all parts of Chicago and love teaching!

4. I was voted “most likely to save the world,” in high school. My original plan was to be a naturalist! I got my bachelor’s in environmental education :)

5.      Philanthropy, poetry, travel, and cooking delicious food are my jam!


Not the most professional photo (taken on my phone), but this one is important to me. Cole and I attending my Masters of Education graduation ceremony :) #humblebrag: I got a 4.0!

Rachel Mandel

Me in my element.. Cole took this on our first ever shoot together, where I showed him the ropes of what I do :)

Behind the Name | The Mandelette Camera

My great grandfather, Louis Mandel, was an inventor in Chicago. My late grandfather, Gerald Mandel, worked in his camera factory, where they produced the Mandelette, the world’s most widely distributed street camera in the 1920s-1940s. Louis invented many things, including the clock radio and penny loan, intended to move inventory and help struggling heads of households become independent business owners with the camera (Pictured below is Louis in his depression-era ad). I am honored to carry on the family legacy of creating memorable imagery and helping photographers grow :)