Janet and Trent's Mid America Club Downtown Chicago Wedding

Janet and Trent are the goofiest, most loving and fun couple! I had the best time with them on their wedding day of 7/13/19. The pair met in college, and have stuck together through thick and thin. From the moment I met the pair, I knew I could be carefree and have a great time with them, and they were so easy to capture because they are so in love! On their wedding day, they got ready at the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown, Chicago, and we set out for the first look. The love was radiating from Janet and Trent as they first set eyes on each other. Their ceremony was on the 80th floor of the Aon Center, otherwise known as the Mid America Club. I could just tell that all of the guests there loved Janet and Trent with all of their being; I mean, we were all gushing about the couple the entire night! The pair had their first dance, cut the cake, and shared a special surprise with one of their guests: a birthday cake! Janet sang along to “All I want for Christmas is You” in the middle of July, and killed it! I was literally amazed at her singing capabilities. So impressive! I can’t wait to hear all about their honeymoon, and to see their love grow. I feel like I have known the pair for years now, and hope to stay in touch :)

Florist: Flowers for Dreams

DJ: Back Third

Video: Old North Films

Venue: Mid America Club

Hotel: Fairmont Hotel