Nathan and Fedrerica's Backyard Wisconsin Wedding

Nathan and Fede met in Israel. When Nathan first saw Fede, he said that she was way out of his league. When Fede told a friend of Nathan’s that she liked him, Nathan did not want to miss a golden opportunity to date someone as classy and beautiful as his now wife. Little did the pair know that a few years down the line, they would be married, not just once, but just shy of three times in different countries across the world. The pair started their journey in Israel, and soon migrated over to Italy, where Fede’s family lives. Now, Nathan is my cousin, and as cooky as he is, I never thought that he would turn out into such a stand up guy that Fede has made him into. I am so proud of the pair, and they have accomplished so much! From moving over from Turin to Rome in their new house, to moving across the globe for their wedding in Door County, Wisconsin on Nathan’s parents’ farm. Everything was made from scratch; from the cake that Fede crafted with figurines of them that she created, to the tables that my Aunt Diane made from wood on their farm. Everything down to the bouquet was from farm to wedding table. Diane carefully picked wild flowers from her gardens to create the beauty that was Fede’s bridal bouquet, and the cuff links that Nathan wore were my grandfather’s when he married my grandmother all those years ago. I am so happy for this pair, who seem to complete each other and balance each other out well. Thank you, Fede, for bringing my cousin joy; and thank you, Nathan, for bringing Fede into our wonderfully quirky family. I love you both and am honored to have been a part of your day. Peek below for some sneak previews of the matrimonial bliss :)