What to wear to your engagement session

Engagement session style guide

So you’re engaged!! Congratulations on this amazing time in your life. I bet you’re excited and want it captured perfectly, and so do we! Besides the little surprises we send you throughout your engagement after inquiring with us, we include a comprehensive style guide. Get a few of our pro tips here!

engagement session style guide
  1. Clean your ring for the most dazzle :)

  2. Dress in neutrals- neutral colors reflect light back into your skin for creamy, dreamy skin tones. I suggest baby blues, light browns, white neutrals, light pinks, and navy for your engagement session color palette!

  3. Get a manicure since your hands (and ring) will be the focal point!

  4. Don’t match, but compliment each other’s outfits through color palette compliments.

  5. You can never be too dressy! Wear that formal dress, suit jacket, and bold jewelry for this important time in your life :)

  6. Play up your favorite features. I personally like my legs, so I would prefer to wear a short dress. Make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing. I personally like to layer with a jacket in case of weather issues, and wear loose, flowy sleeves to compliment my arms :)

  7. If you and your love have a major height difference, consider wearing heels to make your photos look natural :) Also, heels make female silhouettes look fabulous on camera!

  8. Wear fabric with movement! That maxi dress, layered jacket, and heeled shoe to achieve maximum movement in your photos. I will coach you through the poses to make the most of your outfits!

  9. Lastly, go on a date :) Plan an evening out for you and your love to take advantage of your formal attire!

    With love,

    Rachel Mandel

    Mandelette Photography

engagement session style guide
engagement session style guide