Diane and Bruce's Downtown Chicago Wedding

Diane and Bruce Nesbitt are the sweetest couple around. The two have dated for 17 years, and finally tied the knot this winter in their 48th floor apartment. The pair adorned their walls with original Chuck Close paintings, as well as a waterfall of flowers above their sun room’s skylit fireplace. Only the closest of friends and family were invited to this heartfelt affair. As the pair read in their vows, their love is based off of respect, friendship, passion, and not sweating the small things in life. They enforced the sentiment of never going to bed angry, and sharing in life’s grand adventure together. From the moment I left their wedding to the present day, the two made me feel like family. I have gone over to their downtown Chicago apartment a few times to catch up and order prints, which I absolutely love! It really is a reciprocal, symbiotic relationship. The other day, the pair sent my partner, Cole, and I the sweetest, personalized valentine after our most recent meeting where I showed her the love of my life’s picture, as well as a video of our new home. I can’t wait to learn what’s in store next for these two love birds. They are truly a special pair!